Bisi Alimi  made the news when he tied the knots with his gay partner, Anthony Davis on November 6th, 2016 . Finally he has released his official wedding photos and talked about his reaction to Bobrisky calling out gay men.

“It feels good to hear my wedding being regarded as an LGBT ‘reference point.” However, that was not the plan, I was marrying the man I love and although we both know our marriage was a political ‘fuck you’ to our countries, the most important thing that day was two people in love getting married” he said

Talking about Bobrisky “I called Bobrisky out because he said he supported the law. I didn’t call him out because he said he is not gay. That is not my business. He can be whatever he wants to be, but he must be human and shouldn’t call for the death of people who are trying to not lie about their lives. This is one thing that upsets me about our community; we have a way of throwing others under the bus  just to prove we are “not like that” anyway, at least he has apologized and he is learning. I watched his interview with Sahara Reporters and he has really cooled down. I really wish someone would mentor and support him; he needs it.