Singer, Yemi Alade, is currently feeling sorry for those who call themselves music critiques in Nigeria whom she feels have been getting things wrong.

The singer stated that these self acclaimed music critiques don’t listen to the songs they sit back to criticize and they just end up passing judgment on them.

She pointed out most of the songs that is being criticized are always songs done by the female folks without making any form of research while they ignore the ones sang by the men.

In her words of anger, “I don tire for this people that claim they are critiques in this Nigeria they don’t do any form of research, they don’t listen to the artiste song they just say shit. I am smiling to the bank you are not be there questioning my lyrics. I am just upset with all these kinds of things people don’t just know when they gender biased; they don’t know when they actually pick on ladies. If you want to be a music critique make sure you listen to the guy’s songs too and don’t be an all females case, who are you?”