Nigerian preacher and founder of Celebration Church International, Emmanuel Iren, has disclosed that he started making movies to preach God’s word.

Arguing that the latform can raise disciples, Iren, who followed in the footsteps of his wife, Laju Iren, ventured into the world of cinema with his debut movie, ‘What About Us?’, which is set to premiere on July 12.

In a recent interview, the lead pastor of CCI stated that the venture marks a new chapter in his mission to spread his message and shape culture.

He said, “There is a cultural expectation from pastors. It’s an ironic and contradictory expectation. You even hear some banter out there when people tell men of God, ‘Go and get a real job.’ And when we actually do, they are now asking, ‘Why?’

“Besides that, I just really believe in deploying all my gifts and being the best I can. If God gave me gifts, there must be a reason for it. The short answer is that I’m doing it because I can.

“So many things informed the movie. I just want creative ways to tell true stories. It is obvious that this is a faith-based movie at best, but this is a proper real-life movie.”