Cynthia Morgan is famous for her red coloured wigs and nose rings. Those are her fashion signature and we are yet to see her change her attire. Cynthia has always made controversial statement and she just made another one that is causing her fans to speak out in disagreement.

She said that we should credit her for making the red hairs famous in Nigeria. She says “I made red and these other colours the new cool out here. You can’t even front Straight Royalty.”

Days back, she also addressed fans to stop labelling people responsible by their dress code. Of course, she has been dabbed irresponsible with her attire that is often revealing to the public.

She wrote, “Stop labelling people responsible by their dress code… dressing up is a feeling and very in the moment. Being responsible is a thing of the heart and serves lifetime.”
Someone told her ” You invented nose ring too??? hmm.what a talk.”