Nollywood veteran actor, Charles Olumo, known widely as Agbako, has revealed that he still act in movies even as he clocked 101 earlier in the year.

Speaking in a recent interview, the actor spoke about his stage name, ‘agbako’ which means badluck in the Yoruba language.

The thespian said the stage name was what brought him fame in the movie industry.

Asked if he still feature in films at his age, Olumo said, “Yes, I still go to film locations if I am invited.

“I go there to act. They are always surprised that I am still full of action. It is in the blood, and it is God’s gift to me.”

Speaking further, the veteran actor said, “I was on a film set in April. Doyin Amodu is the one producing the movie, so he invited me to be part of the production, and I am grateful to him and others, who out of courtesy, respect and love for me give me such an honour.”

Speaking on his relationship with younger actors in the industry, Olumo said, “I have a good relationship with them, as a father and one of the elders in the industry. I advise them on what to do, and what not to do. Sometimes, they consult me on some issues, and I gladly offer my counsel.”