Funmi Iyanda means different things to different people. To some, she is a mentor, to others she is the hand of God that they see, while others see her as controversial.

The controversial tag on Funmi Iyanda is well known to Funmi Iyanda and she is not pretending as if she does not know about it and recently Iyanda made a joke about her mental state when she was reacting to a statement by a cooperate organization, demanding that Nigerians should retweet about Benue State flood before it will donate relieve materials to the victims of the flood.

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The cooperate entity had tweeted saying “ the flood in Benue has affected many, contribute to them by retweeting this because we will give fifty naira for every retweet of this tweet.#Istandwithbenue. “

This message got Funi Iyanda angry and she describe it as distasteful even as she inquired if they are other Nigerians who feel the same way or it just that she has finally lost her brains.

“does anyone else fine corporates asking for retweets to contribute money to disaster relief distasteful or am I now fully nut? Well, Aunty Funmi you have not gone nuts because we at share your sentiment