London based Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis shared the photo below on Facebook, while disclosing what she has been through in last three months. According to her, the scar is as a result of braces which she wore for three months after bone surgery.

“These are what is left of my leg d…aftermath #scars# of leg braces which I wore for three months #bonesurgeries. At first I thought of having a plastic surgery but NO! I couldn’t go under d knife again after the 3. I can still SLAY like that with my scars. I am going to still show off my legs as usual. #Nothingwillbringmedown# #Nobodyshame# am an advocate of self/body love.

“I don’t photoshop/airbrush/filter my pictures I keep it real. I love myself , I love my life most of all I love God almighty who loves me, who perfected my healing, who made me walk again.


“I want to say a huge thank you to my husband (thou not on any social media and don’t intend to and I love him like that) He is one in a million.

“To my children, my family and my lovely fans/friends Your support means d world to me. I am one lucky lady , I have nothing but love for you all. Thank God the worst is over. Getting ready to go for my first owanbe . I have missed that Nigerian party jollof rice,” she said.