Afamefuna Klint Igwemba, popularly known as Klint da Drunk, is a household name in Nigerian entertainment industry. In this interview, he tells Taiye Agbaje who was at a show where he performed, some of his experiences and the things upcoming comedians should know.

How will you describe comedy in Nigeria?
You know it was not long comedy came into Nigeria. So far so good, it has fared well and I believe it will grow bigger than this. So many people are still coming to add value to comedy in Nigeria because it is harder than music. This is so because anywhere you perform, you have to say things, do things in accordance with the event and the kind of people that are there. So, it is hard. In fact, one of the hardest jobs in this world is to make people laugh. It is not an easy thing. That is why our Bros, Ali Baba, says “Being funny is a very serious business.” It is not that easy, but I know in time to come, there is going to be a lot of value added to it. We are actually, not really complaining that much.

For how long have you been in comedy?
Well, I have been in this all my life, but I started performing publicly from 1990/92. However, I came into limelight in 2000/2001.

Can you share some of your experiences?
It is lovely, just like every other credible business. But one thing about comedy is that if you do not prepare very well, you will mess up. If you don’t prepare, that means you are preparing to fail. So, you have to keep your brain sharp and do a lot of mental exercise; get yourself in the know of what is happening in and around your environment. So, you have to really be up and doing in terms of current affairs and every other thing.

What attributes must aspiring comedians possess?
Talent! You need talent; if you possess the talent and you grow it, you have nothing to fear. But if you want to push yourself in, you will only reign for a while. If you are endowed with the God given talent, and you walk along the track, it will never fail you.

What advice do you have for those willing to go into comedy?
They should try to be original and know that if they have the talent, nothing can stop them from being who they want to be. Nowadays, some people come into the business with the aim of being someone else. They say: “Let me be like this person or that person.” You don’t have to be like any one, rather, just be yourself and keep going and by so doing, God knows, you will get to the point, where people will want to be like you too.

Why the drunken character; do you really get drunk before coming on stage?
Actually, the reason for this act is to teach people how stupid they look and behave when they are drunk. I am only trying to make people understand that if they must drink, they have to drink responsibly. I am a mockery of a drunken man. I am not praising it; rather, I am making a mockery of it. You can imagine that I just came out of stage; I don’t think within the time I came out, it would have been enough to make me sober if I was drunk. I don’t like alcohol; it is actually not good for my system. I am, practically, what you can describe as an occasional drinker; especially when the occasion demands. I can sip a glass or bottle of bear for the whole night and allow you to get drunk; then, I learn what to do in my next show from you