Popular plus-size model and fashion designer, Monalisa Stephen has made a shocking revelation about her unique selling point.
Monalisa who is heavily endowed in both the front and the back in a recent interview with Sun News also revealed that she still has plans to enhance the size of her upper region and her back side.
“I have embraced my body; especially my chest area, but I don’t see it as my unique selling point. I just feel like my upper region is a part of my body and I can’t cut it off. Basically for me, my lips and face are my selling point, especially my lips. I don’t have any regret about my body. People can think of anything. For now I have not had any breast enhancement surgery. But in the future, Yes! I may have it. Because
I love endowments. I want it bigger. I am ‘I Love My Body’ advocate. I tell people to embrace themselves and be comfortable in their skin. I don’t see any reason why I should do any butt enlargement mine is perfect for my shape size. But you know, women and vanity, maybe later. For now no, I am not doing any back side enlargement,” she said.
Sharing her recent embarrassing moment with male fans at the market, the Abia State born says, “Few weeks ago, I was at the market and some group of guys were just making jest of me. Calling me crazy.
They kept shouting and making jest with Yoruba language about my breasts. It was embarrassing because, they created a scene. I didn’t like the outcome.
However, for those who keep writing negative comments on my social media pages, I have this saying, ‘do not let a stranger make you angry’. Someone that doesn’t know my real names can’t make me feel angry or get me frustrated. This mindset has been helping me. I don’t allow their negativity get to me. Instead, I just block as many people as I can and move on.”