Cameroonian actress, Genevieve Nganji, is as famous as ourown Genevieve Nnaji  in her country, yet the two actresses are yet to meet.

She came to Abuja during this  year’s edition of the prestigious Magic Lens Africa Film Academy awards of excellence. She wants to make a name that is bigger than that of our dearest Genevieve. Back in her country, she’s known as Genevieve of Cameroon.

She is wondering why fans are referring to her as Genevieve of Cameroon. She said, “What is so important about her since I am not copying what she is doing. I want to be bigger than her and I’m working very hard to achieve this dream.”

She said, each time her fans watch her movies back home, they tend to mistake her for Ini Edo. “Fans always tell me that while I am bearing the same name with Genevieve Nnaji, I look very much like Ini Edo,” she said, adding that she’s optimistic she will soon become the next megastar to emerge from Africa.