If only music star, Jaywon could turn back the hands of the clock, he would never have left his former record label, Kennis music.

No doubt, Jaywon has been able to stand out among his contemporaries in the music industry. His song, This Year, will continue to remain evergreen.

 He is now the boss of Next World Music, but according to him if he sees an opportunity of going back to Kennis Music, he would go for it.

“If I have the opportunity to go back to Kennis Music, I will definitely grab it, but it will not be as it was before.

‎I would love to change a whole lots, a whole‎ lot, I think the barbaric industry we had then is not the same thing we have now. A lot has changed over the years, and for you to relate with today’s industry, you have to be a part of them. You need to know them more,” he told Sun Newspaper.

He also talks dabbling into movie making section of the entertainment industry. 

“I am actually talking to some people right now. Mark it I will be in the next Super Story,” he said.

“Juwon is just like every young guy out there looking for a way to survive. When I go out and people see the way I behave, they will say this guy is humble. It’s not that I’m being humble; I am just being myself,” he chipped in about his true self.