Alluring Violet Andrew is the ninth child of a polygamous family. She began her acting career in 2004. Her first movie was Passionate Crime, a film produced by Shan George whom she calls her role model. She speaks with Funmi Salome Johnson on her acting career, growing up, her love life and lots more. On the issue of playing nude if the deal is right, she says she can’t play nude because all that glitters is not gold.

How is the acting career treating you? I will say well at least for a start.

How long have you been acting?This is my fourth year in the movie industry.

How many movies have you featured in so far?I have featured in ten movies and two soap operas.

What are the titles of the soaps?They are yet to come out but they are coming out soon. One is Desire and for the second one we are yet to get to know the title.

Which was your first movie?My first movie was Passionate Crime produced by Shan George and directed by Stanley Williams.

Which role did you play, was it a waka pass?I will not call it a waka pass because it was a speaking role and as far as it is a speaking role, it is not a waka pass.

So how many scenes did you featured in?I played in a scene.

Then lead roles started comingYes I have one movie that I played the lead role. It is coming up very soon. It was a movie directed by Janex. I played the role of Cynthia in that movie and it was a movie about HIV/ AIDS.

What if you are offered a million dollars to play nude, will you?No. I will not because there has never been a time that I like anything nude. I don’t like this trend of nudity, and as Africans, I don’t think we need to do things like that because we have a culture and I think it should remain that way. I will not play nude, after all, not all that glitters is gold and a good name they say is better than silver, so I won’t..

What was the experience like acting for the first time along side professionals?It was not funny because as a secondary school student, we go from school to school to perform on cultural dance, so I was sort of used to facing the audience. So my experience at the first time was not really that of freight or shyness. It was fun to me.

Was your coming into the acting career a childhood passion for you? I will say yes because when I was in my primary school, when playing with my mates, we would ask ourselves what we want to be in future, I used to tell them that I want to be an actress because then we used to watch ‘Things Fall Apart’ by Chinua Achebe where Pete Edochie played the role of Okonkwo, I really loved the man because of the way he acts, especially that his role, Okonkwo, it really tripped me then, so I always wished to be like him in future. Whenever I am asked what I want to be in future, I will say I want to be an actress. I thank God that today I am able to see and to know what it feels like to be an actress and I believe that by the grace of God, this is only a beginning for me.

What about school, are you in school are you planning on furthering your education?I am planning to get into school very soon.

Which course are you planning to read?Banking and Finance.

Don’t you think that is rather very different from your chosen career?Acting is an in born gift that was given to me by God, it is something that I have to give out to people who need to see because I think that my acting teaches my fans one lesson or the other but the reason I decide to study Banking and Finance is may be at the end of the day when I get married and my husband does not want me to continue with the acting career, I could just work with what I study, that is why I actually want to study something different from acting. I love acting and I have a passion for it.

So who is that lucky guy in your life at the moment?I am into a relationship and I am happy, I don’t want his name published on the pages of newspaper because he is a very private person.

How soon are you walking down the isle with him?I don’t really know when yet but I know that it will be soon by God’s grace.

Who is your kind of man?I love a guy that is decent, God fearing and a guy that does not smoke. I don’t mind one that drink modestly and also a very cool headed and considerate person. I dislike arrogant men.

Why, I suppose your sweetheart is around?Of course he is around but I think there is time for everything, time for business and time for pleasure.

Who is your role model?Shan George.

Why Shan George?She is my role model because she is a very nice person and very down to earth and most people tells me I look like her. I remember one occasion during my secondary school days, I was returning home from school and a group of little children started shout Shan George, Shan George! They were shouting after me and I told them, I am not Shan George that my name is Violet, I wonder what they saw in me that look like Shan George. So I decided to put my acting talent into practice and I want to work hard so that she will get to know me one day and see that there is someone that looks like her. So one day I met her and today, we are close and I like her, she is someone anybody will like to be with.

Where did you grow up?I was born and bread in Lagos in the Okoko area of Lagos. I am the ninth born of a polygamous family and I am my mother’s fifth born.

What would you say acting has done to you?It has opened doors of opportunity for me and it makes people accord you with respect and want to be around you and they treat you especially from the crowd. That is what has made me happy being actress.

Have you ever been sexually harassed?I have never been sexually harassed by any director or producer. God has been helping me all the way and I have been getting roles by merit.