Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen a.k.a ‘D Governor’ is a director with superlative credentials. He has produced many movies in his 12 years of filmmaking including: Issakaba, Games Men Play, Games Women Play, Emotional Cracks, Private Sin, Critical Decisions, Woman in Red and August Meeting. Recently he hosted moviemakers to the naming ceremony of his first baby, Osayebuwa Nichole Lancelot. Klieglights was there.

How many more kids are we expecting from you?

By God’s grace, if God gives me two more, two or three kids are okay.

Tell us more about this wife of yours that stole your heart?

My wife is an accountant, she is not in entertainment and that is why people don’t know much about her. I think it is not good that both of us be in the industry although if she chooses later to join the industry, fine and good.

Your wedding will certainly disappoint some of your girlfriends in the industry?

Ha! I never had any girlfriend in the industry. Since all the years that you have been following me, have you ever heard that a particular girl is my girlfriend?

So how did you meet you wife?

I met my wife in a motor park. I was tired of flying and I decided to travel by road. I was coming from Benin and I saw her in the park. I saw her twice facially; the next time I proposed to her over the phone and that was on my birthday and I was far away in America. She banged the phone on me and said that I was not serious. How could I be proposing to a woman when we had only met twice? But my spirit had already told me that she was my wife. Since then, it’s been wonderful.

So what is it that you like specially about her?

Most dark men would prefer a fair lady.

For me naturally, I like dark ladies, one other thing that thrills me about my wife is that she smiles a lot. No matter how angry I get, she fills up my mind with her laughter and that means a lot to me.

What movie are you working on right now?

We just finished a movie titled Hope in Exile.The film features Desmond Elliot, Chiwetalu Agu, and a host of other artistes including a new entrant Beverly Meyer, all the way from London. She played the female lead role and what she did is so smashing.

What is the movie about?

The film is about Nigerians in the Diaspora who want to come home to invest as the government has always encouraged. They come and meet all the trouble that investors in Nigeria have always faced.

When are we expecting this film?

The premiere is in December. A lot of companies, including banks are going to be involved. We will take it to five cities, Abuja, Lagos, Benin, London, Ghana, Sierra Leone and New York.

What would you say about the conflict between the National Film and Videos Censors’ Board (NFVCB) and movie marketers?

It is fine for the good of the industry. You see people don’t read enough. There is nothing happening now that has not happened in Hollywood. In 1938 people were banned. This act of government wanting to control film production in Nigeria has also happened in Hollywood. This is what I learnt from my research. I cannot be in an industry and I don’t have the history of that industry.

So I have not said a word because I know that this is what has happened before elsewhere and I’m sure that very soon things will fall into place for the good of everyone.

So, are you in support of the NFVCB?

I’m not saying I’m in support of censors’ board and I’m not saying I’m in support of the movie marketers. I just like what is going on. It is natural, after all, it happened in the bank and a lot of people were crying, but now the banks are employing more people, so I think there is some good in everything including nothing.