Controversial OAP, Denrele Edun is one individual that is always in the news for one reason or the other.

Due to his crazy mode of dressing and behavior, he is often perceived as a gay which he is always debunking.

In a recent interview, the OAP revealed he once excreted on his body. Shedding more light, he recalled the incident as the most embarrassing moment of his life.

This incident he said happened in May 27 1996 which happened to be children’s day.

In his words: ”  I was excreted on my body on children’s day in may 27 1997, it was my most embarrassing moment, it happened in a public funfair where i was doing a debate.”

Well, he was very young then, looks like Denrele might have forgotten his real embarrassing moment.

Sometime last year, a video of him went viral, when he fell off a stage on a fashion show after dancing to a music, flinging his hair all over the place continuously and sadly got to the end of stage and fell off.

That fall was epic, only God knows how much of pain that fall caused him, it was really embarrassing as the video was just everywhere.