While responding to questions and comments from her fans via her Instagram handle, the actress denied rumours that her husband is gay but was quick to add that her husband turned her into his punching bag.

Reacting to an online commenter who asked how she was able to lose weight and stay pretty, the actress simply responded that it was by having a husband who abused her regularly.

She said, “How? It was very simple having a husband who cheats on a roll and uses you for a punching bag and suffering gross verbal abuse sun up to sun down in my home. Am sure any woman would lose weight, I look pretty because Am serving a living God who never sleeps!!!”

The actress further opened up on her troubled marriage, stating that she was living a life of lies especially when she posted pictures of gifts her husband bought for her. She explained that she lied via her social media platform to make her husband the man he is today.

She revealed that she has treated sexually transmitted diseases she got from her estranged husband.

“Hello madam because I e bullshit of enjoying this man’s money. I have not started talking, I will bare it all but there is a time for everything. I care now for the STDs because I am no longer naïve, I am a mother who wants to live long for my child. I am not a saint and cheating is not the only reason I took the forever walk. I am not looking for pity, I’m too blessed for that. I am great, I am strong enough now to teach other women that no marriage is worth dying for. He is many things but he is not gay. That is a lie from the devil,” said the actress.