Popular Afro-Beat singer, Rotimi Martins better known as Alariwo of Africa, has come out to mock those who have been peddling rumours about him that he is broke which is why he has not been seen in public.

 The singer who was in the news some months back over an aledged illness, stated that he was never bed ridden as widely reported but only had a surgery which was done without anyone’s notice except for his wife who was seriously ill but now better.

He boasted that he has enough money to care for himself and his family as he is currently living a comfortable life.

Alariwo also added that people laughing at him do not know that he has just bagged a mouth watering endorsement deal with a telecom company and that goes to prove that he is still relevant in the industry.

“I laugh when some people say that I have run out of money or I am no more in the limelight. Anyone who says that I kept a low profile because of competition is telling a lie. I have a studio at home and I have been working. I have enough money to fend for my family and God has been providing for me. I have been living a very comfortable life and in fact, I just bagged an endorsement deal with a telecommunications company. If I am not relevant, would that happen?”