I wasn’t ready to be a father, attempted suicide – Actor Ayoola

Nollywood actor and singer, Ayoola Ayoola has recalled that he wanted to take his life when the news broke that he was expecting a child he wasn’t ready for.

The actor, who regretted his action said he tried several means to end it all but it was not successful.

The Men’s Club actor was thankful that his plans to commit suicide did not work out.

He said, “The time the pregnancy for my son came, I wasn’t prepared to be a father. I got depressed and almost took my life. I deliberately miscalculated while crossing the road so that I would be hit and the car just brushed me.

“I look at my son now and I’m like, ‘This is what I was about to miss? This is whose life I was about to destroy?’ This little boy would have been fatherless.”