Grace Makun, wife of popular fashion designer, Yomi Casual is a year older today.

The celebrity designer took to social media to celebrate and reiterate his commitment to his beautiful wife.

In a post on Instagram, Yomi stated that he does not mind dying for her, adding that she should just not ask that he proves it, as he is not ready to die yet.

He then thanked her for making marriage so easy and sweet for him.

He wrote: “My beautiful wife, we have been through a lot together. I do not mind dying for you. Just don’t ask me to prove it. I am just not ready to die yet.? I love you my Gracious???? and thanks for making marriage so easy and sweet for me. ???? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY?????????????????? @fabjewels_official”

How did Yomi Casual start?

I studied Fashion Designing and Clothing Technology at Auchi Polytechnic, so fashion started from there. At first, it wasn’t easy for me. The first and second year was very discouraging. I always believed that fashion was meant for ladies not for men. I was ashamed. I could not even tell my friends I was studying Fashion Designing.

Whenever I went home on holidays and my friends asked how school and what department I was, I just said I was in the Art department.

When I got to 200 level, it started making sense. With the help of one of my white lecturers, Mrs. Braimah, she really encouraged me. She started using top designers abroad as examples, telling me that fashion wasn’t only meant for women and I should put my mind to it. She also told me that she saw creativity in me and liked all my sketches. By my third year, I just saw myself sewing. I don’t really know where the spirit came from and then it became fun. During our exhibition in school was when I really got encouraged. Some external coordinators came from Abuja to see how we were doing because it was a newly accredited course/department in Auchi.

Everyone was coming out with different designs and they were going through the normal procedures to make an outfit but I did different things. I broke the rules, my lecturer told me that the first step was to learn the rules, and then break them as far as you can defend the rules you are breaking. When I got on the runway with my designs, everybody was clapping and impressed. When I got home, the encouragement inspired me to do more stuffs.