Veteran actress Ngozi Nwosu was one of the most loved actress in popularly family sitcom ‘Fuji house of Commotion’.

The light skin Diva is said to be the first actress to act a kissing role which she did in a movie entitled ‘Living in Bondage’ with Kenneth Okonkwo.

Although her acting prowess is second to none, Ngozi is no more active in the movie industry like before due to other aspects of life she engages in.

After having a failed marriage many years ago, the actress who still has regrets of walking out of her marriage due to his cheating spree is still single.

At 53, many had expected her to have remarried, but it appears she isn’t in a rush to settle down again due to her past experience.

In a recent interview with Punch, when asked when she would remarry, she disclosed that she will marry at the right time, and wouldn’t work according to people’s timing for her.

She said: “only God knows what the future holds and I know that his plans for me are always good. I don’t work according to other people’s time and when it’s the right moment for me, things would fall into place.”