After remaining on our charts for no less than ten weeks by public voting, and having risen from initial entry number 5 to fluctuate between positions 1 and 2 on Your Voted Top 7 songs, today we bring to you the brain behind the hit track.
It’s none other than award winning R & B king, Chibuzor Oji, aka Faze. Today he lets us into the secret ingredients that led to the birth of the smash hit- Originality, the track title which also doubles as the title of his 3rd album and most recent work.

It’s been about 3-months since you launched the album Originality, how’s it doing in the market?

It’s doing well, we thank God. I’ve been to other places around apart from Lagos and I’ve seen the crowd response which is really high.

I’ve seen it (the album) with people and heard it from people’s mouths. When I got to perform at any show, I see people sing along and many times I have had the crowd request for the song, so it shows that the song has moved and I thank God. It’s not my making, it’s God’s making.

About how many units have you pushed so far?

It’s still selling so I can’t specify. I just know it’s gone far at least to an extent. As I’m talking right now, it’s probably selling so I can’t specify.

What do you think is in the track Originality that attracts people to it?

Basically I think it’s because it’s different from other songs. Then probably because of the honours I gave to people that have been there right from time before we came in and the so many other people we respect

Why did you decide to devote a track to honouring people?

No matter how big we are today, we obviously have learnt from these people in one way or the other. They need to be honoured believing that one day we shall be honoured too.

And how did you come about the track in itself?

I have always written my songs in all my albums and many times I try to write around something unique. Initially it’s a rhythm and I just let it go. Originality was the last song that was written in that album.

I had written other songs but I wasn’t satisfied. I knew I needed a smash hit song that will sell this album because people know me to be that kind of person so I had to wait until the song came.

Did you know it was going to be a hit when you were writing it?

Yes I did. I will not lie about that. I knew it was going to be a hit.

How did you know?

Because it’s different. It’s not what you’ve seen in history. people don’t write about tattoos like when tattoo girls came out. It’s not the everyday ‘I love you’, ‘Let me hold you’ songs. That’s the thing.

Do you just rely on your own instincts when recording a song?

I don’t do it myself. I play it for other people to listen to and I see their reaction. When I see that people’s reaction are not positive enough, I go back to work on it. Funny enough, I don’t play my songs to my musician friends because they’ll always give me problems and some of them might want to condemn me.

I’d rather play it to those who are going to buy it- my fans. I just gather a couple of people and say ‘guys listen to this’ and watch out for their reactions.

The video was supposed to debut at your album launch but it did not. Why?

The problem was that I didn’t want to rush that video. It was ready but I still wanted to add more pictures because the song has a lot of meanings that I don’t want to play with.

What’s the state of the video right now?

It’s done.

When is it going on air?

January unfailingly. But before then you’ll be seeing the making of my videos on TV, so watch out.

Are there other videos we should look out for?

Tattoo girl (remix) with Saucekid, Playball, Spend My Money, Story of my Life and Originality of course.

How long did it take you to write Originality?

One day. I recorded and mixed it same day too. It was the mixing that took me a while because I had to go to a guy called ‘Indomix’ who did the final mixing and it was perfect.

Is it that it doesn’t take so long to come up with a hit song?

No. some hit songs can take a whole while, while some will just come like that. It depends on your mood at that period.

What’s your secret to staying on top of the game?

God. That’s the word because I’ve seen a lot of songs that people really like when they hear it but when you put it on the airwaves, it doesn’t work out. So I believe it’s just favour from God on my own side that makes my music work out.

Any plans for xmas?

No. I have 27 shows from now until the festive season is over and they are all here in Nigeria. I have other shows outside the country but I turned them down because I want to be here at home.