Romance is a give and take thing and it is not demanding but comes naturally when a man and a woman are in love. A romantic relationship oozes from all sides and is not hidden.

This is expressed in different ways including buying of flowers, candle light dinners and other means of expression depending on who is involved. However, there are men who do not give a hoot about this and will always wham, bang and thank ma.

Will you marry such a man if he is not romantic? The stars give you their answers as vividly as possible. Enjoy

Romance makes a woman flow well — Adaora Ukoh

No girlfriend,

Ah! What on earth will I be doing with a man who is not romantic. A man has got to be romantic to allow his woman flow well with him, at least when I remember the kind of man I’m going to meet back home I’ll be happy. After a hectic day every woman wants to be pampered.

Romance is basic— Adaeze Igwe, MBGN 2008

No I will not.
I will say that romance is the basic thing in any relationship whether marriage or not. It can oil the relationship and make it better, I must say that there’s no woman who will not want her man to be romantic.

I want to be pampered — Tonto Dike, Nollywood Actress

No, I will not. Every woman wants to be pampered and part of that comes from romance. I can say there’s virtually no woman who do not like romance but the men? Oh! God help us, unless he is willing to learn but then how many African men wants to learn that’s the biggest question.

Life is not all about seriousness — Ini Edo, Nollywood Actress

No, I will not. I want my man to be very romantic, life is not all about seriousness. My real man should be able to play with me, listen to my inner person, hear me when I cry and take away my pains. If he is the sex- outside- romance type, then he is just putting me to work, remember the saying all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

I’ll teach him some tips— Bhaira McWizu, AMBO 3 winner

Not really but I will like him to be romantic, if he is not I will like to teach him some tips on romance as long as he is ready to learn. For me to be able to marry him he should be ready to listen to me, understand my moods and pamper me.

He can’t offer me anything better — Princess 2pee, Artiste

I cannot dare it. Marry a man who is not romantic, what for? It will be very boring staying with such a man, what else can he offer me when he is not romantic? I want a man who can offer me all that a man has got to offer.

It’s like playing with a tree — Carol Tacha, Banker

There is really no point doing just that, it will look like staying with a tree without emotional feelings. Emotion plays an important role in a marriage relationship and my man should be able to give me fulfilled romantic moments, I just can not marry such a man who won’t do that.

He’s not ideal for any woman — Ijeoma Imoh, Actress

Ah! Every woman wants her man romantic. I will not like to marry a man who is not romantic because I want to be able to feel that warmth from my man, I want to be loved and cared for. Any man who is not romantic is not ideal for any woman.