“If I had made money before marriage, I wouldn’t have married till date because the fame would have affected me. When in school, I couldn’t speak good English and so I decided to associate with people and when they speak English I ask them what it meant and they tell me,” Daddy Showkey admitted.

This was the view of Legendary ‘Galala’ crooner, Daddy Showkey, who was a guest on popular TVC breakfast programme, Your Views, monitored by Nigeriafilms.com, where he explained that one person that stood by him has been his wife.

The singer stated that he so much appreciates his wife for going through a lot with him in life despite the fact that he is not well educated but she still stood by him.

Daddy Showkey understanding the effect of fame on many entertainers noted that if he had made money before getting married, he would have still remained single till date.