“I’m seeing a great star whom the world is shouting, “Hey, hey, hey!” In his own area, he’s famous – he’s known everywhere. He is great – too great… I see something will begin to happen to that star and that may likely end in him packing his load and going on the journey of no return.”

Those were the words of Prophet TB Joshua when he predicted the death of the late pop star. Even when he foretold his death, and also acted on it by sending a message across to Tee Mac, Surprisingly, he doubted it to be one of those popular miracle messages of the prophet.

Since the pop star’s death, shock and sympathy are still reverberating around the world, the undisputed ‘King Of Pop’ who died suddenly after collapsing in his L.A apartment has raved charges on his physician, Conrad Murray for administering a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic, Propofol.

Early January, 2009, T.B Joshua prophesied during one of his famous Sunday services, broadcast live on Emmanuel TV that the person concerned was not from his local environ and was ‘too young to leave your midst’ – enjoining the congregants and viewers worldwide to pray earnestly for this ‘great star’.

Although some may view his words as too generic to be accredited to the legendary entertainer, the revelation of Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli on Sunday 28th June 2009, the famous flautist, business associate of Marlon Jackson and close friend of the Jackson family, put asunder such doubts.

In a sober atmosphere, Tee Mac spoke in front of a live television audience on Emmanuel TV, testifying that Prophet TB Joshua had told him to warn Michael Jackson of an impending health disaster, and invite him to visit Nigeria for healing.

“The man of God (TB Joshua) called me to his office and said to me, ‘Please, tell your friend Marlon to bring Michael here to Nigeria. Michael needs healing; he needs deliverance.’ I told the man of God that Michael Jackson just went for a medical check up because he is going to have about 50 concerts soon. But the man of God said to me, ‘Send Michael here – he needs healing.”

While commenting the charge on Conrad Murray, Tee Mac stressed that, “I have gotten all the details and have also communicated with the Jackson’s family, so I am clear about the matter now. I think he is reaping what he sowed. I would not call this punishment, because he was convicted for negligence. He should have treated him differently; he should have had his interest at heart over his own personal interest”.

Reiterating to questions on why he never took the message that was passed to him by the clergy serious, “On June 12, Prophet TB Joshua told me during his birthday in his office that Michael had a sleep disorderliness, which was very easy to cure, that he should come for deliverance and prayers. Marlon Jackson and I never took it serious enough,” Tee Mac reminisced. Clearly remorseful, he lamented that if he had taken the message more seriously and acted with more insistence, “maybe Michael Jackson would still be alive today.”

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