In Nigeria, aside politics where money is being made, the next line of business is entertainment which includes music, movies , comedy and let’s just say sports (football).

One aspect that has not yet been thought about is magic. We sit behind our television set and watch the way magic are being performed and sometimes, wish to come in contact with the magician to help do some money magic for you.

Well, actress Nike Peller, might be having answers to that, as she has been scarce in movies and public events for some time. It is not because she has dumped acting; rather it is because she has been out of the country to perfect her career in magical art.

According to her, people have wrong perception about magic and they just think it is easy not knowing that it is what they have rehearsed and are being trained for, just for entertainment.

“Some people have come to me, asking me to turn ordinary papers into money for them either in naira or foreign currencies through magic. But I keep telling them, it doesn’t work that way.”

Nike stressed that magic is for entertainment and if it were so easy, she will not work but rather use her magic to get money from the Central Bank of Nigeria and relax.