Popular gospel singer, Kenny Saint Best better known as KSB, is not a new name in the Nigerian music industry and for her; she is not that regular artiste who can just jump on any beat without hearing from God.

According to her, it was her obedience and dedication to God’s in with a prayer team in London, that has brought her thus far as she never for one day played the role of a backup singer for anyone except being in the choir for a short period.

The singer further explaining about her life in music noted that if not for gospel music, she wouldn’t be doing anything in music because she has got all the degree to get her a good career job.

In her words while speaking with COSON, “If not Gospel then I wouldn’t be in music at all because I have so many degrees for me to fall on for a career. I wanted to become a successful career person but God hijacked me seeing my commitment and dedication to my own ambition. I was given music as a reward; there was never an inborn intention. The more I do the work of the ‘rewarder’ the more I get ‘rewarded’ and the more I want to please who is ‘rewarding’ me. Serving God brings music for me. Either I switch to hip-hop, street gospel, church praise, and church worship, any which way it comes from complete obedience to God.”