A fresh case of celebrity arrogance has been brought to the attention of Celeb Police. This time though, it is a celebrity, Afro Pop singer Davido,, who is bringing up the case as he believes a lot of people place the arrogant tag on him because they don’t understand him.

The singer who has been in the news throughout the first quarter of 2017 for the good, bad and ugly reasons however maintains that he is not necessarily that arrogant as people believe, insinuating that it’s not easy to be otherwise with the stupendous wealth at his disposal.

The singer who was speaking in an online TV chat-up made a strong defense for himself, stating clearly that he believes most people would run mad if they have what he has. In his words: “Go to any hood or any street, ask for the freest guy, they will tell you that I’m a free guy. But many Nigerians think I am arrogant. Believe me, if they had what I have, They will run mad”

Celeb Police has looked at the facts of this case, and based on what the artiste has said on camera, we believe he is talking from both sides of his mouth when he says he is a free guy in his hood and at the same time believes most people will run mad because if they were in his shoes. Invariably, Davido is admitting, rather unwittingly, that he is behaving like a mad person? It’s either he is insulting general sensibilities or he is making a weak defence for his own excesses and or weaknesses.

What do you think? Charge or bail?