Ifu Ennada narrates how demon attacked her for praising God

Reality TV star Ifu Ennada has narrated how an evil spirit attempted to attack her after she posted a video praising God.

Sharing the shocking news, Ennada stated that the motive of the demon was to punish her for publicly proclaiming her faith, citing her past ungodly posts as justification.

She wrote, “Ya’ll, so yesterday a d*mon tried to attack me because I posted a video of me dancing and praising God. (You can check the comment section of my last post to understand better). I say “tried” because it failed before it even started.

“According to the evil spirit, I’m not supposed to publicly praise God because I once publicly rebelled against God through a variety of ungodly posts I got used to sharing here, but the evil spirit got destroyed because Jesus Christ is Lord, and the Devil is a failure so let’s move on to the actual reason I’m making this post.

“If you’re reading this and you recently turned back to Christ or just gave your life to Christ for the first time, people around you might want to shame you because of the sharp contrast between your new life and your old life, but I need you to ignore them and focus on Jesus Christ.

“People have said all sorts about me. The other day on Twitter, people said I gave my life to Christ because I’m looking for a husband. If only they “knew me beyond social media.”

“Anyway, when they come for you, preach to them if you can, bind and cast out the spirits possessing them if you’re led to, but don’t ever feel bad or insecure because of your new life in Christ.

“Some people have gotten so used to sin that evil is now considered normal in some spheres, but Jesus Christ is still King (He will always be) and it’s only in Him that you can find true purpose, satisfaction and fulfillment.

“Next time anyone tries to shame you for giving your life to Christ, let it be a reminder that you’re on the right track and surely God will reward you for publicly proclaiming His name.

“On this same social media, people boldly flaunt all manner of abnormal behaviour, and they get praised for it by people like them. God forbid that you don’t publicly flaunt your love for your father because of some demon possessed trolls who are on their way to hell if they don’t repent.

“You made the best choice. Represent Jesus Christ “with your full chest” and let the devil run mad.

“As for me, I go dance some more, praise some more, and share more Jesus posts. Somebody praise Master Jesus!”