The truth can hurt especially when it is served raw and cold. Ik Ogbonna is not a man who spares the rod and spoil his fans, just like his wife, Sonia Morales who is a relationship coach, he has been dishing out relationship advice recently.

His recent post was a meaningful advice to ladies who are unmarried and are entangled in relationships that its future is uncertain after investing time and emotions for a long period of time.

relationships we know has its up and down, being with the right person happens to be a blessing, but in recent time it appears that many ladies has wasted their precious years in fruitless relationships despite seeing the signs, they have given themselves force hopes and lived in denial.

In his words: “His above 30. He has a healthy line of income you have dated for more than a year. You are still answering GIRLFRIEND. Take away the bedroom benefits And stop acting the wife role when u have no insurance/ assurance.”

He went on to say “Time waits for no one Don’t walk past the right guy while holding hands with the wrong guy”