Colombian wife of handsome Nollywood actor, Ik Ogbonna, Sonia Morales, for some time has been getting more Nigerian friends after she was able to find the rhythm of how to get their attention.

Sonia has also tasted the other side of cyber bully but when many thought that things were getting rosy for her, and then all of a sudden, she is being attacked again.

The celebrity wife and mother of one recently showed off her trimmed waist and gave a clue on what she has been taking to get to get the trimmed shape  while using the same medium to advise her fans to learn to love themselves rather than trying to be like someone else but her good intentions was given another meaning.

While getting commendations from fans and demands on how to get the tea she was taking, a fan came with a negative comment pointing out that she will soon loss her waist as she has chosen to mock her creator.

“Let your waist continue disappearing, it will soon vanish, God cannot be mocked,” Sonia got fired.