IK Osakioduwa castigates splitting of bills between couples

Media personality, IK Osakioduwa has revealed that he has never split bills with his wife and he has no intention to change such a lifestyle.

The actor, who suggested that it is not ideal to split bills with one’s wife prayed in Jesus’ name for his not to have a reason to split bills with his wife.

In a recent interview, the media personality also revealed that his wife has never had any reason to pay the school fees of their children.

IK Osakioduwa also added that his wife is not even aware of the cost of school fees for their wards.

He emphasised that he will never allow his wife to pay for such bills in their household, stating, “I will never be a 50/50 type of man. My wife doesn’t know how much school fees is. She might know, but she has never brought out her own money to pay school fees before, and she will never, in Jesus name”.