I’m complicated, only my husband understands me – Grace Makun

Grace Makun, a jewelry designer and wife of comedian AY’s brother Yomi Casual, has warned against trying to emulate celebrities.

The socialite noted that she is a difficult personality, which only her husband truly understands.

In a  message on Instagram, the mother of two shared that many people express a desire to emulate her, but she advises them only to do so in terms of business.

Despite being a fine, hardworking, and amazing mother and homemaker, she confessed to having a sharp tongue.

Grace encouraged her followers to strive to be the best versions of themselves rather than trying to imitate others, as many are not who they appear to be.

“Don’t let Instagram deceive you. People are easily swayed by what they see here. Many say, ‘Grace, I want to be like you.’ I say, be like me in business—I’ll support you—but in character, only my husband knows the real me. I’m a fine, stubborn woman, a good homekeeper, an amazing mom, hardworking, but my mouth is not good at all.

“You can be the best version of yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else. If you knew our personal lives, you’d choose yourself over anyone here. My bad mouth—only my husband knows what he deals with. So please, don’t be like me. I acknowledge my flaws and own up to them,” she advised.