Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu is one of the most successful actresses in Nigerian movie industry, despite her scandals; she has continued to be the best she can be.

The last few years never left the actress scandal free as she kept on frolicking from one scandal to another which almost destroyed her brand.

Among all, the worst of them all was when the true identity of her ex-lover, Seun Ebegbe was brought to light.

She was always dragged along whenever he was found wanting in any controversy which also affected her brand until she finally changed her surname from Aimakhu to Abraham which she claims, is a family decision.

Now owing an online TV called, Toyin Abraham TV, the actress had ‘A tell it all’ interview where she disclosed some juicy details.

Among what was disclosed happens to be her bad habit which she revealed to be picking of nose and as real as she is, she jokingly said that despite all effort from her team to help her stop it, she doesn’t think she can.

She further talked about the scandal with Seun Egbegbe that almost ruined her brand some years ago saying she is only human and bound to make mistake.

Shedding more light, she said the most important thing is to own up to your mistake and correct it without dwelling on what have happened.