‘Incessant death of actors not ordinary’, Angela Okorie threatens to expose Nollywood coven

Nigerian actress, Angela Okorie, has revealed that the incessant death of actors and actresses in the country is caused by some evil people in the industry.

In a recent interview, the actress opened up that the country’s entertainment industry is filled with evil people.

She said, “We keep hearing of many people dying from one sickness or another. But, most of those sicknesses are actually not the kind that should kill people quickly. But in recent times, if someone mentions that they are sick, before long, they would have died.”

Stressing on how God has been protecting her from evil colleagues, Okorie said some close allies have wicked intentions toward her.

“Recently, a lot has been happening, and God has been revealing a lot of evil people that have been around me for a long time. Mind you, I have been poisoned before, but because my mission on earth is not done, God won’t let them kill me. Nollywood is a place where people come to showcase their talents, but evil people have turned it to their coven. There are a lot of things that they are doing that are taking innocent lives,” she said.

On her beef with her colleague, Zubby Michael, Okorie threatened to expose the actor and all that transpired between them.

The thespian said, “Zubby did me evil, and he has done it many times. I am going to spill it all soon so that people can know. A lot of things have been happening in the industry, and if God should open your eyes to see them, you will be shocked. That is why I keep telling people to pray and ask God to open their eyes to see the things happening around them; so they can know who is with them and who is against them.”