Should Churchill worry about getting his groove back? Well, that may depend on whether or not Tonto Dikeh takes the request of one of her fans on Instagram seriously.

The fan, who simply goes by the name Victor Orator, had reached out to the mother of one who is embroiled in a marriage fiasco mess her estranged hubby and give him a chance! Incredible, someone toasting Tonto already!

Tonto had shared a nude-faced throwback photo of herself (below) on her handle, drawing different reactions from different fans. But Victor, a fitness trainer and body builder had other ideas, chose to ask the mother of one to shame her estranged husband by choosing ‘hot’ him!


It has to be a joke, right? But funny as it may sound, Victor’s desire to be Tonto’s ‘hot man’ should give Churchill some concern if he truly cares about getting his beautiful wife and mother of his son back, irrespective of what has happened between them. Victor might be messing with Tonto’s mind, but you never know the chords a simple flirtatious comment can strike in anyone, celebrity or not.

Much more than worry about losing his wife to a ‘hot man’ like Victor, Churchill might need to do more than granting interviews to clear his name and brand and actually go after winning her back. Because from all indications and what even he admitted in one of his interviews when he said the only truthful ting about Tonto’s outbursts was the part where she says she loves him, the actress actually does. If her pride will not let her come back after packing out, the onus is on him to get her back. No blame games, but that’s what a man has to do. Sometimes we stoop to conquer. Or may be he just wants a second divorce to his marital CV? If that’s the case, better over with it before the fans get bored and both of them fade into the kind of celebrity oblivion that many stars wish never happened.

On the joking side of things, Victor the ‘hot man’ must know that it takes more than muscles to be a man. He must also know that if Tonto’s domestic violence claims are true, then maybe his imposing figure might even just scare her away. Or does he want to be her personal bouncer when she returns to her matrimonial home? What are your thoughts on this one?