Your skin is your edge. It is an expression of who you are, your style but most importantly, your confidence. The skin deserves the most concentration like other areas of the body.

Style radiates on skin if it is perfect. It needs to be nourished with good cream and moisturizers. No matter your color, light skinned or dark sinned.

There must be a moisturizer for you. When you achieve your skin goal, show it off, dramatize it and wear clothes that can play your shinny skin up or down.

Be bold enough and get close to others with attractive skin. Let your skin be admired by others.
Keeping and maintaining your skin is a personal thing. Over the years, marsh mallows plant has been used to soothe skin irritation and eliminate toxins.

Beauty companies discovered the plant is incredibly moisturizing, and they are included in every product from the eye cream to the hair paste.

Moisturizers with aloe vera and almond oil are good because they pamper the skin while you sleep. Other ingredients that moisturize the skin are face creams, body lotion, day cream, body milk, and eye care. The face cream should be light so as to disappear immediately. It is perfect under make-up. Body milk should be fresh, airy, and blended with gorgeous floral like lily of valley, white peony and linden bosom, while the day cream should be rich and moisturizes, It is great for sensitive skin. The moisturizers are meant to rub in smoothly to achieve and even flow.

No part of the body should be neglected.

While some are toning, they neglect the most important parts of body like the forehead, eye bags, the neck region, elbow and the ankle. The skin at these areas are fairly stronger than other parts of the body and therefore special care should be given to achieve an even blend.