When it comes to the skincare routine, you would always find Ini Edo glowing. Here, the actress shares her ultimate beauty secrets and walks fans through how she gets her skin rejuvenated, especially after waking up in the morning.

In a new video posted to her Instagram last night, the Nollywood star and businesswoman shared how she pampers her skin before facing the day. With her bare face no-makeup look, she wrote: “So I woke up today with a dull looking skin cos of the harmattan.. With a function to attend I had to quickly do some skin therapy to rejuvenate my skin In time for my party.”

Using the products from her beauty and skincare brand (Beauty Secrets of April) which she founded last year, the 39-year-old started the video with the application of Vitamin C serum, and then, she used the Dead Sea mud mask. Edo continued masking her face completely and eventually wiped it out to reveal the resulting glow.

“No filters , no gimmicks , good skin care products that is suitable for every skin type,” she wrote. “For those always asking …. @beautysecretsofapril is the formula to my youthful skin … try us and thank me later ?.”

Skin, and especially the facial skin, is exposed to all kinds of harmful external influences on a daily basis. Rain, wind, warm or cold air, sunlight: all these external factors affect the condition of your skin. Good facial care and a nice skincare routine is therefore very important!

A skincare routine is the order in which you use certain care products for your skin. But not only the right order is important, the products you use also contribute to this. In the morning you use different products than in the evening. Below we share the fine basic skincare routine for the morning. Do you want to know how to give your skin the best care in the evening? Then check out this skincare routine for the evening.

The importance of good skin care

The skin is the largest organ of our body. It not only acts as a valuable, protective barrier, but also has all kinds of other important functions. For example, our skin produces vitamin D, helps keep bacteria and fungi out of our body and regulates our body temperature. Taking good care of your skin is therefore very important – after all, your skin will last your whole life!

If you use the wrong care, your skin can look coarse and gray. By applying the right skincare routine and the right products daily, you can ensure that your skin looks and stays healthy. It is important to find out which products do and do not work for your skin.