Pretty damsel, Ini Edo-Ehiagwina, is a classy babe any day. She is good-looking and she knows it. Litle wonder she always appears superb each time she attends any event.

Recently, at the wedding of her colleague, Mike Ezuronye, Edo didn’t disappoint her fans: she was not looking bad on the day.

She may not have been rated among the best-dressed at the ceremony in her satin jump suit, but Edo was blazing hot in the outfit. In fact, no one would claim not to have noticed the screen diva.

Ini was everywhere. She moved from one table to the other, exchanging banter with friends and fans.

It was alleged that her hyperactive disposition didn’t go down well with a close member of the bride’s family, who didn’t really know anything about the actress. The person in question more or less told Ini to stop walking up and down and stay at her seat.

“The man didn’t find it funny. Even when he was told who Ini was, he said he didn’t care, but what mattered to him was that the actress should sit at a place and stop distracting other guests,” a source told us