Nollywood actress, Tayo Sobola known by her stage name Sotayo Gaga is not one of those who can die for love even when she is being cheated by her man. She has this to say even though she is engaged.

She said she cannot marry someone from the industry “I understand the nature of our job and for a man to want to understand a lady who is into entertainment is a whole lot of work. So, you can imagine two entertainers in a home? It is not possible. Ko le werk. One should be able to bend for the other. One should be able to calm the other down. But when both of you are hot at the same time, it is nonsense because there will be problem.”

She added “I am engaged. And that is all you need to know for now.” However, she doesn’t know what love is all about “I don’t know anything called love. I just know it is in the dictionary. There’s no love anywhere. Love is L.O.V.E. That’s all I know.

She takes her stance on cheating “Abeg leave that thing, dem dey sell ring na. If the man misbehaves, you sell the ring, chop the money and walk away. Ladies should stop receiving cheap rings. Receive the one you can sell when the man messes up.