JJoseph Ademola Adeyemo, an actor, and a face that is well recognized in the modeling industry

oseph Ademola Adeyemo, an actor, and a face that is well recognized in the modeling industry. He has featured in a number of high-profile campaigns as stated in the interview below.

Golden ICONS: How would you describe yourself?

Ademola: I am down to earth, humble, driven and confident. I am an independent thinker.

Golden ICONS: How did you get into acting? When did you start?

Ademola: I had an innate desire to entertain people at the age of four whilst attending a military-style boarding school in Nigeria. Due to reasons beyond my control, there was a disconnect between my natural passion for dramatic arts and my transitioning from London, my birthplace. However, I had an additional ability in creative illustration and dance. Upon returning to London, my passion for visual arts continued, though I was temporarily sidetracked, I eventually reconnected.

It wasn’t until later that I came to terms with my passion to share my life experiences through storytelling, with hopes to inspire. I realized that my unconventional gift of conveying emotions, from the depths of my being, created an everlasting impression in the minds of the people I come across— who hopefully would become my fans.

Golden ICONS: Which recent works have you been the most proud of and why?


One of the projects that I was inspired and enlightened by was embodying the experiences of the great and legendary Toussaint L’Ouverture. During the 18th century, Toussaint made tremendous accomplishments from living as a former slave, to achieving the unusual prestige as a highly decorated military general of the French army. He contributed to the abolishment of the slave trade, and made Haiti (Ayiti) the first Black Republic in the western hemisphere, which has been an undertold in history thus far. I was personally drawn to the history of Haiti through my loving and informative wife Woodlene, who is Haitian American. We both constantly seek to promote positive representations of Haiti and other developing nations, to increase global awareness and bring the deserved pride to the African Diaspora and beyond. I am currently working on using these experiences I have gained and transitioning into more diverse and mainstream roles like Colonel Slade in Scent Of A Woman (Alfredo Pacino) and The Book Of Eli ( Denzel Washington)

Golden ICONS: Who do you admire as an Entertainer?

Ademola: Sidney Poitier—an icon that redefined history as an Academy Award-winning actor, setting an everlasting admirable standard for all thespians alike. I can relate to Mr. Poitier because of the parallels in our quests.

Oprah Winfrey – also an admirable figure coming from humble beginnings in the deep south of the United States, who underwent extreme personal adversity, yet constantly trailblazing: breaking barriers, becoming a remarkable success story, and revolutionizing the industry.

Golden ICONS: How has IBM and Target campaigns changed you?

Ademola: The IBM campaign that I was blessed to participate in, was uncommon in terms of what it depicted into the minds of hundreds of thousands of viewers globally. It was not and advertisement campaign simply based on the sales or functionality of IBM products and services, but a campaign that presented solutions such as renewable energy and smart water to combat Earth’s prevalent challenges.

Also being familiar with the plight of being unable to access clean water, the “SMART WATER” campaign reinvigorated my awareness to becoming an advocate for improving the quality of life for people all over the world.

The 5% Target philanthropy campaign, “DO GOOD”, facilitated my humanitarian efforts to spotlight the notion of community service and development. I intend to continue these crusades as I gain more notoriety.

Golden ICONS: How can you personally relate to the video you are featured in, “Can’t Stop Me” by Jadakiss?

Ademola: Jadakiss’ single “Can’t Stop Me” is symbolic to my ascent in the entertainment industry. Inevitably, some may attempt to politicize, mistakenly passing me over for talent already at the pinnacle of their successes. But the fact is, they all started from somewhere. I am on the rise, I AM NEXT and I will persist until I surpass my potential as an unorthodox, internationally acclaimed actor to heralding victories throughout the generations.

Golden ICONS: Where are you based? If you have to relocate, where would you relocate to?

Ademola: I am based between New York City and Hollywood, the epicenters for the promising actor. I have many interesting choices for relocation, but I am currently undecided. However, I can tell you that they will involve beaches and palm trees.

Golden ICONS: What do you do in your spare time?

Ademola: Regardless of time, I am in constant prayer meditating on my life’s aspirations. I perform calisthenics, draw and paint. In my wife’s fifth-grade classroom, I read and mentor students and support the school community. In addition, I volunteer in forest restorations, refurbish wheelchairs for the disabled abroad and serve in soup kitchens that feed HIV survivors.

To learn more about Mr. Joseph Ademola Adeyemo, visit http://www.ademola.tv

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