Graceful Nollywood actress Lara Giwa who has found a side job in writing inspirational messages to her fans through her social media handles has reacted to young people who see intimacy as an act of fun to desist from it.

According to her it is an act that is meant for only married couple who are truly in love “S#x? I think s#x should be something between two lovers who truly love each other, it should not just be about fun, the feeling must be there.

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The Banking and Finance graduate of Lagos State University who was also schooled at the Iyabo Ojo’s School of Acting, also spoke about the reason why she has been involved in writing motivational messages.

“I just like inspiring others and motivate people to never give up regardless of the circumstances in their lives. We need to keep moving, because when there is life, there is hope. I also noticed that some ladies complain about their marriage and in the process trying to discourage others. I tell them that because you are having a bad time in your marriage doesn’t mean everyone should have a bad time too. I try to make people see the brighter side of things instead of always painting a gloomy picture of everything.

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Lara Giwa steamrolled into mainstream acting in 2010 after being schooled at Iyabo Ojo’s School of Acting. So far, she has produced four films of her own, namely:Tori Ife, Sade Olosho,Ona Atije, Ire and currently working on a new movie titled ‘Eru Eleru’.