Nothing is as bad as being labelled a snitch and that is the name this bright skinned actress has earned for herself..oh,dont get me worng,this new name is not official, it is only being whispered in close cricuit.according to what is being peddled”any celebrity who gets close to this actress and confides in her wakes up to find their story front page news.

It has happened so many times that everyone has now buckled up thier shoes.they say”instead of her to think of how to pay back the N1.5million she is owing Iya Laje whom she collected gold from,shes there running down her colleagues all becuase she is doing this to earn herself good press”names of people Lola has snitched on? Lord have ”mercy”,I am not about to tell you,especially as I dont play yoruba home movies with the likes of”Sikiratu Sindodo”.the clues in this writeup is enough.please Lola turn a new leaf,being a known snitch is like being labelled a leper!

There is no pun intended in this writeup oh,just a friendly advice!