One of Nigerian most celebrated comedian, Bright Okpocha fondly called Basket mouth has disclosed that he has being able to realize how much he is being hated.

In 2014, the comedian Basket Mouth had cracked an expensive joke which got on the nerves of many Nigerians who thought he was promoting ‘rape’.

Basket Mouth said: “white girls” and “African girls”. In a nutshell, white women put out after a couple of dates, but African women keep holding out, so on the ninth date a bit of rape is required.”

Although many have forgotten about the incident but it appears that Basket Mouth still have the memories of the aftermath of his action.

In a recent interview with OnoBello, he disclosed that the incident which earned him heavy backlash gave him an insight on how much he is being hated.

“Honestly, I like the fact that the incident happened, it actually made me realized how many people actually hated me.”