MTV Base might just be unknowingly igniting a new beef when they made a comparison between Burna Boy and Patoranking.

Burna Boy’s fans quickly jumped in his defense saying such comparison wasn’t right as Burna Boy for them is the god of sounds.

But then we all know that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion but that doesn’t mean one should be economical with the truth.

Patoranking has released hit songs subsequently and has shown diversity in his sounds unlike Burna Boy.

It’s not a gainsaying that Patoranking is good but sadly, he is underrated while Burna Boy is overrated.

This comparison angered Burna Boy so much that he threatened to block MTV Base on his social media platform which is a bit out of place.

What do we call that? Pride! Either way, he might be angry because deep down in his heart he must have be nursing the thought that Patoranking is actually better, thus, upset for the truth been rubbed on his face.