For some time now, Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke, has started turning himself into a controversial actor by indirectly stepping on toes.

Sometime ago, he was on the neck of actress, Tonto Dikeh, by interfering in a matter he shouldn’t have and that prompted the actress to publicly denying knowing an actor with such name.

Recently, the actor is out again and this time without mentioning names, he is currently making it known to a Nollywood producer that with or without him, the producer’s movie can still go on.

Probably Gideon had charged the movie producer high amount and since the producer could not afford the amount, the actor decided to attack him publicly.

According to him, “Hey brother, no hard feelings, your film will do well with or without Me. I’m gonna sit pretty on my high horse based on Principle. You made me realize how much of a struggle I’ve been through to even get to this point. But don’t tell me I ain’t worth it. Don’t tell me I’m not deserving enough to ask for what’s mine.This comes from a hard place inside of me, but I wish you the best with your film. To whom it may not necessarily concern.”