While some close friends of embattled comedian cum actor, AY Makun, resulted to put a call through to him to find out the issues surrounding the viral reports on his marriage, Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze who is a very close friend of comedian Ay and wife, Mabel decided to pen an open letter to them.

He wrote: “I sincerely hope and pray that what I am hearing is false. You guys are my favorite couple. AY is my brother and Mabel is my sister. I remember being angry with Mabel for eating my bush meat once and she made it up by cooking the most delicious owo soup with starch for me and as for AY he is one of my best friends in the industry. He is a brother in every way. He is kind hearted, loving, caring, intelligent and well mannered. You guys are not good together, you are GREAT together in fact FABULOUS TOGETHER and you both know it. THE DEVIL KNOW THIS FACT AND WOULD WORK HARD TO BRING DISHARMONY. Please don’t give him the chance. Mabel the keys to your home are in your hand and I am sure of your love for this genius. I also know AY loves you. Gisting less than 3 weeks ago he told me he loves you 120% and I teased him endlessly over this, calling him Mr Loverman in Shabbas voice. I love you guys and know we will smile at the end of this alleged storm. AyMabelForLife.”

The question hanging on the few words of intervention written by the divorced media personality is why he chose to make his good intentions public, by either sending the troubled couple a text message or call.

Meanwhile, fans are also concerned about Freeze’s own union which crashed irretrievably over claims of domestic violence too.