Nigerian-born New Zealand raised MMA World Champion Isreal Adesanya shows his mettle and his gulf in class as he sends Douglas Costa to the hospital after just 2 rounds to prove he is the best in the world in his weight class the moment. Isreal Adesanya

Isreal remains undefeated as he destroys Costa’s record of being undefeated to defend his title at UFC 253 in Abu Dhabi. There was bad blood between Isreal and Paulo Costa as they exchanged insults and banters at every opportunity they got. But when it came to putting their money where their mouth there was only one winner all the way the Nigerian Agbero Mr Stylebender Isreal Adesanya is the bloody real deal.

Isreal Adesanya has gone from the newcomer to a champion with two title defences in just two years’ time. Adesanya again defended his title against the unbeaten Paulo Costa at UFC 253 in Abu Dhabi. There was no competition for the Kiwi as he chomped on Costa’s leg throughout the first round and the Brazilian did not have any answer for it. Costa tried to goad Adesanya into reckless abandonment but to no avail.

Isreal Adesanya picked his spots to perfection and when the right moment came, he knocked Costa to the mat with a right punch. Some ground-pounding that saw Costa turn his back holding his head and the referee had to intervene to stop the fight in favour of Adesanya. As “Izzy” as it gets.

This was his ninth straight win in the UFC for Adesanya.

Photo Credit: Getty