Netizens have taken to the microblogging app, twitter to express their worry over a photo of veteran Nollywood actress Nike Peller, who is also the daughter of popular illusionist, Professor Peller.

An unflattering photo of the Yoruba actress got some Twitter users asking if she’s in a vigorous state of health, while others wondered if it is just old age.

A particularly confused twitter user identified as Bolanle shared the photo and posed a question in a tweet, asking if it was Nike Peller.

The tweet spiraled as other users expressed concerns while some believe her skin condition is as a result of excess use of whitening creams and soap.
Nike Peller

A check at Chief Nike’s Instagram page shows her last post was made in mid 2021.

The photo that has now gone viral was confirmed by netizens that it was taken when Nike Peller paid a condolence visit to the late Dejo Tunfulu’s home.

Veteran actress, Nike Peller is one of the few veteran actresses who have remained relevant in the industry for over 3 decades. She joined the movie industry in 1987 after training under Alade Aromire, and the movie titled “Adun” shot her to the limelight. She has featured in over 200 movies and still counting.

Nike Peller is a Nigerian-born Yoruba film actress, thespian and stage illusionist. Known to be the daughter of the late Professor Peller, Nike holds the Yeye Agbasaga of Erin Osun chieftaincy title which was bestowed on her in 2010.

Excerpts interview Below:

What is the secret of your ageless look?

Thanks, I will say it is in the gene, if you look at the Peller family very well, you will realise we all have the same look, we are usually not fat. It is in our blood, even if we eat the entire world, we will still be slim, so it is natural.

I for one, I would say, what has been keeping my youthful look is the fact that I am humble. I take my mind off hate, and I don’t stress myself at all. I strongly believe what would be, would definitely be, no matter how hard you try. I also look down on people and also free my mind, so that is what keeps me going.