Oh dear, someone must have really offended Bisi Alimi , who recently  tied the knots with his British beau, Anthony Davis at the Burford Bridge Hotel on Old London Road on November 5, 2016.

The activist is really trying to teach some Nigerians who don’t care to understand what he is into, as they bully him online.

“Yes, he is my husband and I am his husband! I know a lot of you are confused about what is going on here – about who is the husband and who is the wife,” he began, adding, “It is none of your business what is going on. But if you care to make it your business, maybe I can give you a little bit of education.”

He continued, “When two same couple come together in holy matrimony, it is husband and husband or wife and wife. Husband and wife is what straight people do. We don’t do that!” We wonder if  these people would understand him.