Big Brother Naija 2020 star, Nengi has said she did liposuction surgery because she was not confident of her big stomach.

Nnegi revealed this during an interview with BBC on Friday.

Upon Nengi’s entrance into the BBNaija house, old photos of her emerged online having considerably smaller buttocks.

While in the house, the Bayelsa born said that her only regret during the surgery was not blogging about it.

On why she went for the procedure, the 22-year-old said, ”I have always wanted to do surgery because I felt like I had a really big stomach.

”I did liposuction, I only removed fat from my stomach. I feel if you are not confident about something and you can change it then do it. I always had to wear a waist trainer and it was really stressful for me.

When asked if she moved the fat from her stomach to her buttocks, she denied saying ”I think that is the mistake I made because I wanted it as natural as possible. I did not want it too big so I said they should not put the fat in the buttocks.”

Asked how she felt about the backlash that followed the liposuction revelation, Nengi said it was really small-minded to talk about something someone did with their money.

”First of all, to do a surgery you have to be bold, It is not about money alone so if someone decides to do it I feel like it’s nobody’s business also it is not anyone’s money and people should respect others decision because it is their life and they can do whatever.”