Forget all the razzmatazz and bad girl image associated with Benita Nzeribe, she seems to have high standard. You will have to pass a lot of test to get past some certain level with her. In this interview with SAMUEL OLATUNJI she reveals the test a man will have to pass to be her main man and get between the sheet with her.

What have you been up to, it seems you have disappear?
I didn’t disappear. I took leave to do some other business. I can’t go into those things now.

Are those things outside of showbiz?
You don’t worry about that but I’ll be back in January.

When was the last time you were part of a movie?
It was about four months ago.

Are those other businesses fetching you money as movies?
Movies do not fetch the kind of money people think. But I am doing well.
But I know most of your colleagues that claim they earn exorbitant fee.
Let’s not go into that my dear, but what I meant is that nobody can is earning the kind of fee obtainable in Hollywood.

Why did you relocate to Abuja?
I’ve not relocated yet, but I’ve been visiting Abuja regularly of late because of what I’m doing.

How has it been not going to location for the past four months?
It’s been beautiful. I’m very busy but I will be back by January.

What gives you the assurance that you would take your place when you come back?
Nobody can take my place because I don’t have a photocopy. I don’t really believe in all these competition things. I do the best I can and leave the rest. I have created scarcity for my block of fans so when I come back I’ll just take my place.

Which have been your most challenging movies?
I really don’t have most challenging movies but when you do some traditional movies they take a lot from you. When you are acting, you live that role and it is not easy to live another life. That is the way I view my job. That alone make them challenging.

How easy is it not to have an hangover?
That is why you are a professional. That is why everybody cannot be an actress. You have to learn where to draw the line you can only live another person’s life for a while. I have a way of dropping another’s person life as soon as the camera is off.

What has acting cost you?
It cost me something that used to be very special. Acting has cost everyone one thing or the other. But I don’t like to dwell in the past.

I guess that is your love life.
If you say so.
Some people would have gladly picked their relationship ahead of their career. Why didn’t you do that?
This is me; I cannot live another person’s live.

But acting cannot give you the kind of love a man can?
When you are still building your career you cannot afford to do some certain things. You can’t afford to take a break like I’m doing right now because people did not know you then. I couldn’t make that kind of sacrifice then.

May be you are not meant for that relationship.
Let’s take it that way. I believe the best is yet to come.

Would you say you are a good actress.
Let the people decide but I know I’m one hell of an actress.

What has acting done for you?
It has given me a name. It opens doors and gives you credibility where you are not known.

When men come around you asking for romantic relationship what are those attributes you look for?
I love a gentleman but not one that is too gentle. When he’s extremely gentle it puts me off. You must also know about fashion and have respects for women. You know there is a way you know a man who does not have respect for women.

What has been stopping you from getting that kind of a man?
There is nothing like delay everything has it own timing. I’m not just going to jump to the altar because a man with fat bank account comes around. I don’t want to get married because everybody is getting married. I want to get married and stay married.

Someone once said the reason why most of you find it difficult to settle down is because you are sitting on high horse with impossible demands.
Let me tell you, there is nobody sitting on high horse here, we are all African women and we all hope to get married sometimes. Everyone wants to settle down but I think the men are intimidated to come around, let them come around and be men.

So, are you single and searching now?
I am single but not searching. I am not wearing a ring yet, at the same time I am not advertising anything.

What are your favourite movies?
Alternatives, Land of Dwarfs, Peace of mind, and some I can’t remember.

You started with a soap opera, Beyond our dreams which gave you popularity. Which movie gave you the break?
It was Gold Digger by Infinity.

How was it like the first time you saw yourself on TV?
I felt I could do better. I was more like my own critic.

Why is it that the bad gal roles always come to Benita?
Thank God I’m not the one playing the bad role anymore. I guess it was due to my role in Beyond Our Dreams, people just assume that since I played the bad girl role well in the soap I could do it well in movies. So, that is the reason.

People say you smoke?
I don’t. it is only that people see me smoke in movies and they conclude that I must be a smoker. I don’t smoke.

What is true love?
True love is language of the heart. True love means you’ll respect me and not cheat on me. The best love of all is that of God anyway.

What could make a man gets into bed with you?
I must be in love with him and he must also be in love with me. It is not an easy thing. It is a lot of hard work, my brother it is not an easything.